Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Smarter Travel & Abbeyside National School

Download: Smarter Travel Plan For Abbeyside NS [.pdf file] Showing recommended Safe School drop off zones

Over the summer holidays various improvement works have been carried out in the vicinity of the school, in Murphy Place, Friar's walk and Sheares Street. Murphy Place is now a cul-de-sac making it very safe for children walking and cycling to school along the track. New footpaths have been built on Sheares Street and Friars's Walk and The Pond area will be developed in September to create a safe drop-off zone for older children.

The download above contains a plan of the area which shows you the new footpaths and safe crossings along with the areas that are now deemed exclusion zones. i.e. should not be used for parking or set down for the school. We would like to make the following recommendations for the new school year:

  • Children who live close enough to the school are encouraged to walk
  • Children from 3rd Class upwards are encouraged to cycle to school
  • Younger children are encouraged to cycle but must be accompanied by an adult
  • Parents dropping or collecting children at the school by car should only park/set down in designated zones

We would call on all parents to make a big effort to follow these recommendations which we hope will go a long way towards easing congestion at the school and making it safer for pupils, parents, teachers and local residents.
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